Roots Institute Center in Nairobi 2023-2024

Mission & Struture of the project :


Roots Institute Center, in Mathare Slum, is commited to give  the underserved children of Mathare a chance to have a better future through access to quality education. It is also an opportunity to reduce poverty in this unprivileged community in the long run (visit the Website).


Leaded locally by Mrs Fromont, Roots Institute Centre provides  free education (pre-school and primary), nutritious meals and a safe environment within Mathare Kosovo Community.


This institute  is registered in Kenya as a CBO (”Community Based Organization”) and recognized by the Ministry of Education.


In France , a legal structure "Les enfants de Mathare" has been created in 2022 to better collect and trace the donations (see below status)


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Legal status and french representation of the project
French Registration of the association (loi 1901)
Enfants de Mathare - Association Franc_a
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Short summary Project Mathare
Roots Institute Centre - French Week Nov
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Detailled Project Mathare
Roots Institute Centre - Detailled Proje
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Donation 2023 Amatis
A first donation of 800€ representing 1 month of running costs for 350 Kids.
Amatis Donation June 2023[7237].pdf
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Mission DIY- Amatis in Tanzania 2022-2023

Who are the members of DIY?

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About the project in Tanzania

French report mission 2023
Seconde Mission Paris Dauphine _Tanzanie
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Mission 2023
Whats next after a fruitfull mission in May 2022?
DIY project-English report.pdf
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Initial project overview by DIY
French version ( english upon request)
=> Team, Targets, Budget, Timeline
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A local partner in Tanzania

Our project DYI- Amatis relies on a reliable partnership with PDS ( Perspective Development Skills Charitable Organization (

How does Amatis support the project?

In 2022, Amatis was one of the major donors ( contribution of EUR 4000) .

Beside the financial aspect, Alexis Wetzel has regularly advised the DYI board team ( sponsoring, preparation of the mission).